ITAP ‘The Genius Of Moving Image’ Part One

The Work Of Sam Taylor Wood

List two specific key relationships between Sam Taylor Wood’s photography and film work
Her work is very personal and autobiographical.
She talks about her self portraits as ‘punctuation points’ of her life, which she shoots when she feels it is the right time to make them, usually around poignant times in her life.
Taylor Wood also uses emotion, people, and sometimes animals, to narrate a story, both in her film and photography.

How does the use of multi-screen installation in her work reflect narrative?
High emotion is portrayed through her multi-screen installations, such as her first, ‘Killing Time’ which was highly inspired by The Royal Opera House. It allows the audience to piece together their own narrative instead of a story being told.

What other photographers use film as an integral part of their work. List two with examples?
Tim Walker, creator of ‘The Lost Explorer’ &  ‘Blood and Water and Other Tales’, is a photographer that uses film as an integral part of his work.
He says, “When you’re working in stills you see all this beauty you can never work with. Stills are powerful because they freeze the moment, but film is powerful in another way. People can move and speak and express themselves.”



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– CJ Clarke  had always wanted to become a film director. It proved impossible because of his lack of access to affordable technology, until six years after starting his career in photography.
His 2 minute film ‘Mother and Daughter’ tells the story of a young girl whose studies are affected by her mother’s depression.
Visitors to the School-Home Support website can enter three rooms in the protagonists’ flat and watch three different versions of Clarke’s film. Each offers “different angles to the story to fit the different audiences”, which offers “multiple entry points depending on whether the viewer knows the charity or not”, says the photographer.





Research three other Video artists and explain their working philosophy

 – Bill Viola has been instrumental in the establishment of video as a vital form of contemporary art.
His works focus on universal human experiences – birth, death, the unfolding of consciousness  – and have roots in both Eastern and Western art as well as spiritual traditions, including Zen Buddhism, Islamic Sufism, and Christian mysticism.



-Vidya Gastaldon is a French artist who specialises in surreal, contemporary illustrations and films of other worldy life. She develops a universe immersed in a hippy and psychedelic aesthetic, in New Age, and in minimalist abstraction. Through her series of drawings, her films, and her sculptures in wool and other “craft” materials, the artist deploys an aesthetic of “states” rather than of formal or theoretical references, where notions of pleasure and experience find a new force.


Show an example of a specific gallery space or a site specific location where a video artist or film maker has created work specifically for that space and been influenced by it.




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