ITAP ‘The Genius Of Photography’ Part Two

What are Typologies?
Typologies in photography are studies or classification systems based on types. For example, one of the first photographers to create typology was Anna Atkins, who created a catalogue of algae. It also became well known to take photographs of criminals. A more modern use of this style of photography is Donovan Wylie who photographed British watch towers. Bernd & Hilla Becher are particularly well known for focusing on typologies, such as Water towers, blast furnaces and other industrial themes.

What was “The Face of the Times”?
 August Sander created the human typology with his series “The Face of Our Time”. He attempted to categorise portraits of people into different social types. For example, the young farmer, the farmers child and mother, the head farmer etc.

Which magazine did Rodchenko design?
Aleksander Rodchenko helped design and produce the magazine “USSR Construction” magazine. This recorded the new society after the war.

What is photo-montage?
Rodchenko was well known for his photo-montages. These are compositions of various images, or a technique where the artist removes and adds parts of the image.

Why did Eugene Atget use albumen prints in the 1920’s?
Eugene Atget was a photographer who people criticised for not using modern techniques. In the 1920s he was still using albumen prints, as he didn’t know how to use modern technology.

What is solarisation and how was it discovered?
Solarisation is an effect achieved by exposing a negative to white light whilst it’s developing. The tones in the print reverse and can create a robotic almost non-human effect. It was accidentally discovered by Man Ray’s assistant Lee Miller.

What was the relationship between Bernice Abbott and Eugene Atget?
Man Ray introduced Bernice Abbott to Adget’s work. He then photographed Adget in a way that showed him as an old fashioned man, coinciding with his techniques and the myth of him being poor and selling his photographs for nothing.

Why was Walker Evans fired from the FSA?
 Walker Evans was hired by the FSA to create propaganda images and portray the government and the recipients in a light way. However, Evan’s style and understanding of documentary photography was complicated. He moulded reality, and his images were not thought suitable for the purpose. The FSA fired him.

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