ITAP ‘The Genius Of Moving Image’ Part Three

The Work of Director Chris Cunningham

Portishead – Only You
Bjork – All Is Full Of Love

Then the making of  ‘All Is Full Of Love’ featuring interviews with Bjork and Chris Cunningham

How did Bjork and Chris collaborate on the All Is Full Of Love video?
Bjork and Chris had mutual friends in London, and after the Aphex Twin video he worked on came out, people were excited about his work. It was suggested that she ask him to direct the video for her track ‘All Is Full Of Love’.
Bjork sent the track to Chris and he really liked it, and they decided to collaborate.
She gave him a very specific idea and mood she wanted for the video, describing “a sort of heaven”.
Cunningham said he was waiting for a chance to do something like this video as he had been obsessed with engineering since he was a child. They went back and forth for a few months sending each other ideas until they finally decided upon one which was not too literal but had all of the ingredients that Bjork wanted to include.
What techniques were used on the Portishead video to create the unusual slow motion effects? Research this.
 Portishead singer Beth Gibbons and the young male actor were filmed in a tank of water, the air bubbles were edited out in post-production and then they were digitally inserted into the dark alleyway scene to create the slow motion effect.
What other music video directors have gone on to direct feature films? Name two and the feature films they have made.
Spike Jonze, also known as Richard Koufey, directed and starred in the music video ‘Praise You’ by Fatboy Slim, before directing the film ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.
Anton Corbijn is another creative who began his career directing music videos, such as Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’, before moving into film. He directed ‘Control’, a film about the life of  the late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis.

Which famous sci – fi film did Chris Cunningham work on before he became a director?
A.I  (Artificial Intelligence)
What makes his work different or original compared to other similar directors?
I think Cunningham’s work is different and original because he always likes to do something different each time, which makes it refreshing and new, and if you like, tailor-made to whichever music artist he is working with at the time, as he creates his ideas from listening to the music.
Directors like Tim Burton for example, always do the same style with every film that they make and it can become a little stale and boring.


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