ITAP ‘The Genius Of Photography’ Part Four

Why did Garry Winogrand take photographs?
Garry Winogrand, a famous American street photographer took photographs “to see what the world looked like photographed”.

Why did “citizens evolve from blurs to solid flesh”?
As technology has evolved in photography, it has changed the content and ways in which people work. For example, the development of faster shutter speeds meant “citizens evolved from blurs into solid flesh”.

What was/is the “much misunderstood theory”?
The most misunderstood theory in photography is The Decisive Moment, as some photographers make a situation happen before they capture an image, whereas others seek the situations, and are in the right place at the right time.

Who was the godfather of street photography in the USA?
 Many people consider Garry Winogrand as the Godfather of photography, being a huge influence for many. He had an “appetite for life” and stalked people in order to achieve the images he did. His most famous images were his series taken in zoos.

Who was Paul Martin and what did he do?
 Paul Martin is a British photographer, who focused a lot of his images around English sea side, showing people having fun.

Who said “When I was growing up photographers were either nerds or pornographers”?
Photographer Ed Ruscha said this,  proving how much the industry has grown in the past few decades.

Why does William Eggleston photograph in colour?
 William Eggleston is famous for being one of the first successful colour photographers in the art industry. He photographs in colour as he finds that it’s the colour that creates the image, and gives him as an artist, more of a visual hierarchy to work with. He works to structure colour in an image, and this makes his images very powerful.
What is William Eggleston about?
 Eggleston sees the complexity and beauty of the mundane world.
He photographs ordinary subject matter, as Eudora Welty  noted in her introduction to The Democratic Forest, an Eggleston photograph might include “old tyres, Dr Pepper machines, discarded air-conditioners, vending machines, empty and dirty Coca-Cola bottles, torn posters, power poles and power wires, street barricades, one-way signs, detour signs, No Parking signs, parking meters and palm trees crowding the same curb.”


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