ITAP ‘The Genius Of Photography’ Part Six

How many photographs are taken in a year?
It is estimated that around 80 billion photographs are taken in a year.
What is Gregory Crewdsons modus operandi?
Gregory Crewdson is a photographer who doesn’t actually use the camera himself. He has a strange disconnection to photography and doesn’t like holding a camera.
He stages and directs large scale scenes to create single still photographs. He works with a large number of experienced people who have worked within film crews and other similar areas.
His photographs  often feature disturbing, surreal events. The photographs are shot using a large crew, and are elaborately staged and lit.
Which prints command the highest price & what are they called?
 “Vintage” photographs demand the highest price in the photography market. These are photographs that have been printed by the photographer himself, closest to the time the picture was actually taken.
What is a Fake photograph? Give an example and explain how & why it is fake.
A fake photograph is one that it not all it appears to be.
It has been edited and manipulated, some things taken away or added in.
An example of this is ‘The Cottingley Fairies’.
Two young cousins, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, from Cottingley, UK, took a series of 5 photographs of themselves supposedly sitting with fairies beside the stream at the bottom of their garden.
The ‘fairies’ were infact cardboard cutouts, but the photographs were believed to be real, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used them to illustrate an article he wrote on fairies.

Who is Li Zhensheng and what is he famous for?
Li Zhensheng is a red soldier photo journalist who covered the Cultural Revolution. He had to hide his photographs and today they are still not shown in China.
What is the photographer’s “holy of holies”?
Magnum is one of the most well known photographic agencys well known for its revolutionary work, such as it’s photography based around war and other revolutionary events. Martin Parr struggled to get into magnum for this reason, as photographers and critics saw his work unsuitable for the purpose, as they didn’t have as much meaning.

How does Ben Lewis see Jeff Walls photography?
 Ben Lewis believes that Jeff Walls didn’t reinvent photography, but he took it back to the 19th century to painting where everything is creative.
He also thinks that Walls fed in a lot of contemporary theoretical concern, as he raised arguments between how women and men perceive each other, aswell as racial stereotyping. His work addressed these arguments.
Which famous photograph was taken by “Frank Mustard”?
‘The River France’


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